User Guide

Basic set up
1     How to set up your school
2     Managing terms
3     How to set up Levels, classes, and Streams
4     Creating subjects
5     Creating papers
6     Adding subjects to classes

Handling staff members
1     Creating Staff and Uploading staff reports
2     Adding subjects and papers to staff.

Handling Students
1     Creating students and Houses
2     Managing student streams
3     Adding subjects to students. The electives and combinations
4     How to Promote students from one class to the Other.

Handling Academics
1     Setting up exam sets
2     Setting up the grading
3     Managing Nursery settings
4     Adding Competencies to subjects
5     Recording marks for Nursery
6     Recording marks for primary
7     Recording marks for O level
8     Recording marks for A’ level
9     Transitioning from one term to another.

Fees module
1     How to create Fees items
2     Creating Fees types
3     Setting up the fees structures
4     Assigning fees type to students
5     Recording student fees - Part one
6     Recording student fees - part two
7     Fees record reports

Other finance features
1     Creating requisitions
2     Handling requisitions
3     Recording expenses
4     Recording Expenses - clarification
5     The Vote book
6     Handling staff salary
7     Handling bank transactions
8     Handling purchases

Other system features
1     Distribution of student uniforms
2     Handling stores
3     Library the school handling
4     Handling sickbay
5     Handling student school requiremnts
6     Handling staff and student attendance
7     Processing student passouts
8     Handling shool vistors (Visitors book)